Providing a seamless and legal multimedia experience

Founded in late 2004 in Barcelona, Fluendo is created with the objective of providing a legal solution for the multimedia files reproduction based on the GStreamer platform. Since 2005, year when Fluendo signs a formal agreement with the most important patent holders in the market -MPEGLA, Microsoft, VIA Licensing, Technicolor & Dolby-, Fluendo has been the only multimedia company worldwide to provide a complete set of codecs for audio and video delivered to the client with its corresponding patent licenses cross-platform. In 2013, Fluendo refreshes its brand identity to better communicate the kind of company that is today: a dynamic and innovative multimedia brand. The suite of products start to be commercialized then under the ONEPLAY brand.

In 2014, the company expands its product portfolio by acquiring the Sports Video Analysis software LongoMatch, reinforcing the leadership of Fluendo in the Multimedia market.

Mission & Vision

Fluendo Mission

Fluendo mission is to provide legal multimedia products for the GStreamer framework and a Video Analysis Software - VAS - for the sport market

Oneplay logo

Our ONEPLAY series legally protects organizations and empowers users to engage with multimedia like never before. Our agreements with main multimedia patent holders (MPEG LA, Dolby, Microsoft, Via Licensing, Thomson) allows experiencing unmatched playback quality with the peace of mind that you are adhering to international audio and video patents.

Longomatch logo

Our passion for multimedia led us to get into another area of interest: video analysis software. In 2014, Fluendo acquired LONGOMATCH, a powerful, versatile intuitive, multi-platform video analysis software for sports based in GStreamer. LongoMatch is customizable to any sport and compatible with all software platforms and any major video format. In an ever changing environment, we are now covering sports with a powerful video analysis tool... but there are other markets in which Fluendo is planning to add value in the future.

Fluendo Vision

Maintain our leadership in the GStreamer market and become an expert in providing solutions for VAS.