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Why would I need to pay for ONEPLAY Player when other players are free?
A: ONEPLAY player is a complete player providing all the features that you can find in any other multimedia player, BUT legal. It means Fluendo does not infringe any patent on any multimedia formats. Other players usually can play a very restricted list of formats (supported by the Operating System) or play more formats but infringing patent licenses as you don't pay for the patent royalty.

Q: What are the main advantages of ONEPLAY Player compared to its competitors?
A: ONEPLAY Player is a unique player based on the GStreamer SDK which is cross platform. So the player is cross platform, plays all the formats you may imagine (except DTS), and it comes with all the licenses you need to be on line with patent licenses.

Q: What format can I play with ONEPLAY Player?
A: All the formats Fluendo supports in its ONEPLAY Codec Pack, and all the free formats that are supported by the GStreamer framework.

Q: Do I need to have GStreamer on my machine to use ONEPLAY Player?
A: No, the player comes with everything you need, this is the concept of ALL in ONE we propose.

Q: Does the DVD player support remote controls through LIRC ?
A: Almost, we've created an extensive DBUS API to remote control the DVD player. LIRC support will follow shortly.

Q: Can I try ONEPLAY?
A: Yes, you have a trial version that you can use during 30 days.

Q: How does the trial version work?
A: You install ONEPLAY Player trial version, you use it for 30 days. After this period if you try to use the player again, a message will be displayed to advice you to go on to buy a license.

Q: How do I upgrade from the trial version to a permanent version?
A: You simply uninstall the trial version from your computer, and you go on and buy the permanent license on line. Then from your account page you download it.

Q: I installed ONEPLAY but I can see it installed some other software named CodeMeter, what is that ?
A: ONEPLAY uses an external license management system to improve security and make it easier for our customers to handle complex deployments. CodeMeter comes from our partner WIBU a very well known security solution provider.


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Q: When running the Fluendo DVD player on a KDE based desktop the Preferences dialog freeze completely. What's going on ?
A: It looks like this is a bug upstream in QtCurve, which should make gtk apps look like kde-apps. A work-around for this problem is choosing another gtk-theme like clearlooks, and it works fine then without crashing/freezing.

Q: I can't hear voices while my DVD is playing back. What's happening ?
A: The Fluendo DVD player is probably trying to output 5.1 audio channels to your sound card because it claimed (the sound card) that it supports it but you are probably only earing the 2 front channels. To fix that please force the DVD player into stereo downmix mode in the Audio tab of the Preferences window.

Q: Some discs can not play with an error saying something like "Could not read NAV pack..."
A: This can mean different things : the disc is damaged or dirty, the DVD drive lens is damaged or dirty, or the disc uses some special protection tricks to protect from ripping programs. Please make sure your disk is clean and not scratched, try to clean your DVD drive lens (if it's not brand new) and if that still fails, please report the exact DVD title to our support form.

Q: Will this enable DVD playback in Moovida ?
A: Not yet ! We are working on providing a plugin for Moovida that will enable DVD playback from there but that will take some more time.

Q: Does the DVD player support remote controls through LIRC ?
A: Almost, we've created an extensive DBUS API to remote control the DVD player. LIRC support will follow shortly.

Q: I am having problems with the Fluendo DVD Player
A: In order to better identify your problem, please execute the Fluendo DVD Player from a Linux console using the command: "fluendo-dvd". To deliver this message, please go to contact form and select the appropriate product on the subject. Copy-paste the message displayed on the console from the starting of the execution until the program crashes on the field "Message".

Q: How can I change region using "preferences" ?
A: The only case where you can change the region is when the DVD disk is from a different region than your drive's. This is the only situation where is really compulsory to change the drive's region (since the DVD can not be reproduced). We have disabled this option in the rest of cases to avoid customers wasting the only 5 region changes available on each drive.

Q: I have a problem with the slow performance of the DVD Player
A: It seems that your hardware does not fully support the current settings of Fluendo DVD player. Please try disabling the Deinterlacing in the "preferences" menú, video section (just settings the Status to off). Please tell us whether disabling Deinterlacing produces a smooth playback of your DVDs by going to the contact form and writing the result on the field "Message".

ONEPLAY™ Codec Pack

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Q: I ordered and paid my product with Paypal but I still can't see it in the "My Products" page, what's wrong ?
A: Sometimes we don't receive the payment notification from Paypal and the order stays in an incomplete state. Please contact our support which will finalize the order manually in the shortest delay to give you access to your product.

Q: Is there a product available for Solaris / OpenSolaris ?
A: Fluendo no longer provides support for Solaris/OpenSolaris.

Q: Can I download multiple files for the same product ? (For example download both the Intel 32 bits and PowerPC versions of this product)
A: Yes you can, but remember that your product license is for a single machine. If you intend to install the codecs on 2 different machines and use them simultaneously then you need 2 licenses.

Q: Will I be able to play my DVDs if I buy your codec packs ?
A: No, playing a DVD disc or iso image is a specific use case and requires more than just audio and video decoders. Indeed you need a DVD virtual machine to handle interactivity, region authentication, CSS protection, etc... Fluendo is providing a full blown DVD player for Linux and it is available on the web shop.

Q: Will I be able to play my DRM'ed Windows Media files with the Complete playback bundle or the Windows Media playback bundle ?
A: No, DRM support requires some special licensing from Microsoft and as of today they are not willing to give that license for the Linux operating system for security purpose.

Q: I installed this product and my media player still tells me that I am missing a codec. Did I install the product incorrectly ?
A: It depends. It's completely possible that your media file uses a codec that is not provided by our Complete Playback Bundle. So first you should check if the reported missing codec is in the list shown in our product description. If it is then your installation might be wrong and you should contact our support.

Q: I use Kaffeine as my media player and after installing this product I still can't view my media files ?
A: Kaffeine can use different media backends to render the media files. In most cases the default backend is Xine. Fluendo codecs are exclusively for the GStreamer backend, so please make sure you install the GStreamer backend for Kaffeine and enable it from the Settings menu.

Q: I am having problems with the your codec pack, how I can proceed to report them to your support team?
A: To better identify your problem, you need to figure out whether the problem is technical or the codecs are being used incorrectly. a) If the problem is technical, please run the following command: "gst-launch-0.10 playbin uri=file://PATH_TO_MEDIA -m >> output.txt" replacing PATH_TO_MEDIA with the corresponding path to your media file (e.g. uri=file:///home/user/.../video.mpg). To deliver this message, please go to contact form and select the appropriate product on the subject. Copy-paste the displayed text file (output.txt) in the field "Message" and we will come back to you with a better diagnose. b) To find our if you making a proper use of the codecs, it's important you know that our codec pack works on all GStreamer-based applications, such as Totem, Rhythmbox, or Banshee. Please, test your media file using Totem, which is preinstalled in your system. If Totem does not reproduce it correctly, please run it from the Linux console (command: totem). To let us know what the problem is, please go to contact form and select the appropriate product on the subject. Copy-paste the displayed text in the field "Message" and we will come back to you with a better diagnose.


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Q: Is GStreamer a media player?
A: No, GStreamer is a development framework for creating applications like media players, video editors, streaming media broadcasters, etc. as well as other software components like codecs, filters, muxers or demuxers. As a result, high quality media players can easily be built on top of it.

Q: Does Fluendo have any applications available for GStreamer?
A: Since Fluendo develops software built on this framework, all our codecs and players are suitable for GStreamer.

Q: What formats does GStreamer support?
A: GStreamer supports most formats, including all major ones: Flash, MPEG, AVI, Windows Media, etc. With GStreamer, chances are the format that you need to reproduce is supported and you won't experience any problems playing your music and videos.

Q: Does GStreamer work on platforms other than Linux ?
A: GStreamer works very well on Open Solaris, Windows and Mac OS X.

Q: How can I get GStreamer for my current applications?
A: GStreamer is not something that you can get and incorporate to your applications. If you want to benefit from the virtues offered by GStreamer, you have to make sure that the applications you use to playback your media are built on this framework.

Q: Why must I pay for a patent license?
A: The codecs decode/code formats that are under patents. To be able to use these codecs at a professional level, it is needed to be entitled by the owner of the patent to do so.

Q: Who uses GStreamer?>
A: These are some of the most notable applications running on GStreamer:

Other FAQs

Q: Bluray Playback
A: We are currently not moving much in that field as BluRay has a lot of legal constraints making it very difficult for a Linux product to include it(we cannot certify it as DRM compliant). We will add support on GStreamer when libbluray and libaacs are ready for show time, so that the OpenSource players can benefit from it. Don't expect a "commercial" Linux BluRay player from Fluendo anytime soon, though.

Q: Support for Solaris
A: Fluendo no longer provides support for Solaris.

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