Fluendo is Multimedia Transformed

Enabling Unparalleled Multimedia Experiences


At home or in the workplace, across myriad devices, operating systems and platforms, we're here to enable, activate, deliver, connect, play, empower, secure and reassure your multimedia.

Fluendo creates software solutions using video as a tool and allows you to enhance your communication, spread your messages, improve training purposes and much more.
We are a passionate, experienced team of multimedia professionals and GStreamer innovators who take great pride in developing, providing and commercializing solutions for digital media. From Linux to Windows and Mac, from set-top boxes to mobile devices, from thin clients to personal computers, we're here to help the world experience multimedia like never before.

Our ONEPLAY series have been shipping for years and keep on enabling multimedia at various levels. We keep on evolving with the fast growing market of video, enabling always more format, better quality, and more platforms.

We have now released end users ready to use application to enable to use video as a tool. In an ever changing environment, we are now covering sport and soon defense with powerful tools and will work on more markets soon.

Helping Developers Create World-Class Multimedia Applications

It is our goal to boost the development of multimedia-rich applications based on the GStreamer framework. GStreamer is free and open source, offering powerful and professional tools to empower high-quality and legal multimedia on a wide variety of software and hardware, we are extremely proud of the role we've played in its evolution.

The Fluendo Mission

Fluendo's mission is permanently innovating in video expertise to provide affordable ready-to-use video solutions to all markets wherever it brings value, following new formats introduction, enabling compliance, supporting the wider range of hardware and software platforms, in an international environment offering a fulfilling space for workers, respecting high quality of service for all our customers.

The Fluendo Vision

In 3 years be one of the 3 global leaders in video analysis software.

Fluendo is located in Barcelona. Thanks to strong international partnerships, our products are available worldwide.

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